Cabello: an election in Colombia is not enough to guarantee a change

The first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, referred to the electoral process that took place this Sunday in Colombia, and assured that “whoever wins is not enough to generate change.”

Although he assured that Venezuela does not interfere in the processes of other countries, in Colombia it is necessary to generate a change beyond the political.

“We know who has governed Colombia for more than 200 years, the whole world knows who has been in charge of those governments, the Colombian oligarchy has had an absolute presence in all the decisions that are made in that country, we must be careful with the expectations, with illusions, because these are the ones who lower anyone to a clean lead from a cloud, “warned the first vice president of the PSUV.

Cabello did not rule out the possibility that, with the arrival of a new governmentsignificant changes can be noticed in the neighboring country, and added:

“They are part of processes, processes that are going to lead sooner rather than later to the Colombian people displacing that oligarchy, elections in Colombia are not enough to guarantee changes, until that country is recast from below, it is impossible to think of a real change,” said Cabello.

Voting restrictions in Venezuela

Cabello stressed that the limitations that were generated so that Colombians residing in Venezuela could exercise their right to vote are the exclusive responsibility of the authorities of the neighboring country.

“We acknowledge the efforts of the colombian people who took to the streets, here in Venezuela, to exercise their right to vote. If there was any problem, it has nothing to do with Venezuela, it was the Colombian consulates that did not allow the votes, the prohibition is not from Venezuela », he insisted. “There were a lot of restrictions in this process,” he said.

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