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CABEI donates 18-manzanas coastal land to the Ortega dictatorship

CABEI donates 18-manzanas coastal land to the Ortega dictatorship

The Daniel Ortega regime made official this morning the receipt of an “irrevocable donation free of charge” of a piece of land located in San Juan del Sur, department of Rivas, from the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI).

Through its publication in La Gaceta, the dictatorship informed the authorization to the Attorney General of the Republic “to appear before the State notary to sign, together with the representative of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration, a public deed of irrevocable donation, which said bank will make in favor of the State of Nicaragua, of a property known as “Pesquera La Flor” located in the region of La Talanguera ».

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According to the presidential agreement number 180-2022, the extensive land has 12 hectares and 6,921 square meters, equivalent to 18 blocks.

CABEI has been a great economic ally of Ortega, they oxygenate the Nicaraguan dictatorship with the discretionary use of funds, a practice of the regime to maintain its parallel discourse that everything is fine in the country and marching in the right direction, a situation contrary to the reality that plagues the Nicaraguan people.

Ortega with the president of CABEI. Photo. official media

Since the beginning of the sociopolitical, economic and human rights crisis in 2018, the agency has not stopped disbursements to the Ortega and Murillo administration.

In addition, Nicaraguan political organizations have repeatedly accused Dante Mossi of “exceeding” his support for the Daniel Ortega regime.

CABEI has provided more than three billion dollars in loans to Ortega after 2015. The flows of money for the Nicaraguan dictatorship became larger after the sociopolitical crisis that began in April 2018.

A recent count indicates that the president of the financial organization, Dante Mossi, has disbursed 415 million dollars to the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo from January to November 2022. El Salvador is the nation that has received the most money from the CABEI with 510 million dollars, in second place is Costa Rica with 428 million dollars and in third place is Nicaragua.

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