By sky, sea and land they search for sailboat robbers in the Las Perlas Archipelago

Through “Operation Proteo”, the National Aeronaval Service (SENAN) is looking for the assailants of a sailboat in the Las Perlas Archipelago.

They indicated that air, sea, and land security was reinforced throughout the Las Perlas Archipelago and that investigations are underway to find the location of criminal organizations that are alternating order in this difficult-to-access insular area.

The raids, in conjunction with the Public Prosecutor’s Office, have already been carried out in the communities of San Miguel, Saboga, La Ensenada, Casaya and Casayeta, in search of indications that lead to the capture of the antisocials who assaulted the crew members of a sailboat that was anchored in the vicinity of Isla Mina.

This Thursday, SENAN deployed a group of Tactical Operations, which will join those maintained by Coastal Patrol Boats, in addition to the L-402 Barge, monitoring the area of ​​the Las Perlas Archipelago and the West and East Coast of the Panamanian coasts of the Peaceful.

SENAN’s operations will continue, during the next few days, in the insular and coastal sector of the Province of Panama and West Panama, to interrupt and drive people who carry out activities outside the law.

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