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By challenging the United States, Ortega “tries to divert attention and delegitimize accusations” for crimes against humanity

Nicaraguan political leaders consider that Daniel Ortega is “bluffing” by challenging the United States to file a lawsuit against him before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague. They maintain that the dictator is using this tactic to divert attention and undermine the credibility of the accusations of human rights violations against him.

for the sociologist douglas castro, this challenge is also a maneuver by the Sandinista leader to divert attention from internal issues and the problems facing the dictatorship. “By focusing the debate on a possible demand from the United States, which is unlikely, it tries to change the narrative and divert the focus from national problems,” Castro assured Article 66.

He stated that “by challenging the United States to sue him, Ortega tries to discredit the accusations of human rights violations against him.”

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The opponent also maintained that the dictator uses this challenge to show his resistance to international pressure. “By challenging the United States, his most notable adversary on the international scene, he tries to present himself as a strong and challenging leader,” he said.

Daniel Ortega, dictator of Nicaragua. Photo taken from Presidency

For his part, former deputy Elisha Nunez He pointed out that this confrontation of the illegitimate president of Nicaragua towards the North American government “is part of the speeches that he makes inward, towards his people, trying to sustain himself” in power.

If the United States takes Daniel Ortega at his word and sues him in The Hague, the Nicaraguan dictator “loses, loses because of the flagrant violations of human rights,” Nuñez stressed to Article 66.

While Douglas Castro maintained that if the US government “decides not to proceed with the lawsuit, which is most likely, Ortega would use it as” proof “that the accusations are unfounded.”

On the other hand, the former ambassador of Nicaragua to the Organization of American States (OAS), Arthur McFieldsclaimed that Ortega is defying the United States because of his desperation for financial resources.

By challenging the United States, Ortega "tries to divert attention and delegitimize accusations" for crimes against humanity
By challenging the United States, Ortega "tries to divert attention and delegitimize accusations" for crimes against humanity

During his appearance on June 27, the dictator mentioned that if the US administration sues him, they will respond by taking the United States before the Court “so that they repair as much as possible the damage they have done to Nicaragua since (the time of William) Walker until these times, in which they sanction, threaten, promote coups, like the one promoted here in 2018.

In this sense, Ortega assured that Nicaragua would again obtain another ruling in favor and therefore an order for compensation for damages caused as 37 years ago.

“Ortega is desperate to get financial resources from anywhere, it is not enough to confiscate, to steal from businessmen, natural and legal persons, he does not care about robbing anyone, and this search in The Hague seems like a desperate act afterwards. that China and Russia failed to support him financially in any way,” McFields said.

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