Empresario destaca ventajas de adquirir una propiedad

Businessman highlights advantages of acquiring a property

Investing in real estate has become a great opportunity for those people who are looking for a stable long-term future, because living in a property will always be a necessity.

The real estate businessman, Levi García, explains that “the Dominican real estate market has been growing rapidly for many years, which makes real estate investments in the Dominican Republic a highly profitable opportunity for those seeking to invest their capital for investment purposes.” increase your wealth.

He affirms that the reason why real estate has been growing gradually in the Dominican Republic is because of its economy, since since 2013, its GDP has grown “an average of 6.14%. Economic growth is expected to continue given its policies that encourage foreign investment and the development of international trade relations.”

For those who are still undecided, the businessman and ambassador of World Trade Center Santo Domingowho has vast experience in the sector, highlighted 4 advantages for which this great step should be taken.

1. Flexibility and security: Buying a property is an action that will protect your future and your finances in the event of a global or personal economic emergency.

Real estate investments provide the flexibility to build businesses within the same properties and continue to increase your capital and passive income capacity.

Investing in my real estate projects is considered a financial guarantee since my investors can use their real estate as a retirement plan.

2. Return on investment: When you invest in real estate for a business purpose, the property has a return that is very useful. The return on investment is calculated depending on the purchase conditions, the capital gain and the flow of money that the property obtains after being acquired.

3. Support for the local economy: When you buy a property, you not only benefit yourself or the financial institution that supported you to acquire it, but also all the service providers; from architects, masons, blacksmiths, locksmiths, carpenters; Therefore, at the moment you buy a property, you put a sequence of services to work and this stimulates the economy of your city, generating jobs and opportunities that you can also take advantage of in your favor.

4. Income is kept active: If the income you receive monthly is kept static in a bank, it is a guarantee that it will be lost in situations that seem necessary or urgent and the opportunity cost of investing in real estate will be lost.

The real estate market worldwide has a sustained growth and the real estate prices gradually increase. As a result, the added value of a property makes investing in real estate worldwide an activity that rewards economically and, as an added value, is part of a personal wealth.
In other words, it will always be better to invest your income in a real estate investment because it will bring you many Benefits futures.

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