Businesses invade sidewalks and public spaces; controls are insufficient

Businesses invade sidewalks and public spaces; controls are insufficient

May 31, 2023, 4:00 AM

May 31, 2023, 4:00 AM

there are sidewalks completely invaded by businesses and workshops that leave no space for pedestrian circulation, even in avenues with high traffic, as in the second ring road, between Brasil and Virgen de Cotoca avenues. The Mayor’s Office indicates that it carries out permanent controls.

In this sector, workshops and motorcycle sales have proliferated, where the works are carried out on public roads. Businesses have been installed on both sides of the second ring and are even advancing towards the Urban Park sector.

The abuse reaches the point of using a public transport stop that is in this section, leaving it completely useless for passengers.

Javier Vásquez, who frequently passes by this place, indicates that they spill motor oil and gasoline, which damages the road. He also complains about the invasion of the sidewalk. “Whenever I pass through this sector I have to get off the road, exposing myself to danger and being run over by a vehicle,” he claims.

In the Alto San Pedro area, the construction materials leave no room for people to walk on the sidewalks, they even put up signs not to park.

There are several blocks, on both sides of the third internal ring, which have been invaded by companies that work with wood, glass and construction materialwhich forces the pedestrian to walk in the middle of the motorized vehicles that circulate on the road.

In the Los Pozos area, street vendors place their merchandise, on the sidewalk and on the cycle path that was built in some sections. On 6 de Agosto street, the sale of clothes covers the entire street and leaves no room for motorized vehicles.

The situation is similar on Avenida Grigotá, where furniture and chair vendors have occupied the sidewalks. To these the clothing vendors who occupy the central ridge on weekends are added of this avenue. In addition, there are the fruit vendors who park in their trucks to sell to passersby.

On Avenida Tres Pasos al Frente, between the third and fourth rings, it is the transport companies that invade the public space. On both sides of the road there are offices that occupy part of the sidewalk for loading and unloading merchandise, as well as parcels. Neighbors and drivers complain of congestion and lack of control, mainly in the early morning and late afternoon because large buses park on the road, leaving only one lane for vehicular traffic.

The deputy director of Public Space, Manfredo Borda, indicated that it is a constant fight against invaders of public spaces.

“We intervene, notify, clear and apply the corresponding sanctions, according to regulations. Unfortunately, people commit the same offenses again. In some points, Due to the complexity that this type of intervention means, we request the support of other municipal units and the Police, since sometimes the owners and workers of stores and businesses physically attack our officials”, he indicated.

According to Borda, this is constant work to enforce what is stipulated in the municipal norm, regarding the prohibition of occupation of public spaces in the city.

It points out that people must conform to the regulations. “Our intention is not to restrict the right to work of any person, Those who want to use public spaces can request the proper authorizations, in an orderly manner, but people prefer to act informally and illegally, in areas where they consider good and not where the norm allows it”, he observes.

He explained that the controls also extend to the supply centers, so they have a daily schedule of interventions. He indicates that one of the critical points is the Los Pozos market sector, where many merchants who were not benefited from stalls in the new markets, during the transfer, remain in public spaces.

The Municipal Secretariat for Citizen Security, which is responsible for generating public supply and service policies, works to find a way to locate these people in municipal markets.

For now They have identified some critical points where they carry out permanent controls: Plaza 24 de Septiembre, Manzana Uno, Palace of Justice, Plazuela Blacutt, Plaza España, third ring of Cristo Redentor Avenue and the perimeters of supermarkets.

In the city center, double-parking in the hospital area is also monitored.

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