Business unions rejected Pedro Castillo's coup before the vacancy

Business unions rejected Pedro Castillo’s coup before the vacancy

The closing announcement producing a coup, by the now vacated former president Pedro Castillo, was condemned by the main business associations and representatives of the country’s private sector.

The National Confederation of Private Business Institutions (Confiep) ruled on the matter and expressed its rejection of the measure.

“The business sector represented by 22 unions from 10 economic sectors of small, medium and large companies reject the constitutional rupture through a self-coup and an attempt to establish an emergency government by Pedro Castillo Terrones,” he reported.

According to the union, Castillo’s action is due to “not being able to respond to the obvious questions about acts of corruption and moral incapacity in this year and a half of government.”

For this reason, Confiep called on citizens to defend democracy.

“We call on Peruvians, civilians and soldiers, from all over the country to defend democracy and institutions within the legal framework and respecting social peace. Also to the international community to pronounce itself defending democracy in Peru. No one owes allegiance to a usurping government, ”he reported in a statement.

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Call to reject the constitutional break

A similar case was that of IPAE Acción Empresarial, which after Castillo’s message announced that as a member of civil society and within the framework of its unconstitutional principles they rejected said provision for “flagrant violation of the Constitution.”

Minutes before the Plenary of Congress approved the presidential vacancy due to permanent moral incapacity.

IPAE called on “political leaders, authorities, representatives of the private and public sectors, academia and civil society to speak out against this crime of constitutional breach.”

support for impeachment

The National Mining, Oil and Energy Society (SNMPE) also condemned Castillo’s announcement and expressed its rejection.

“This arbitrary measure that threatens democracy and the governability of the country deserves the repudiation of all Peruvians, who in these difficult times must unite in defense of the Constitution and the rule of law,” said the SNMPE in a statement issued while the vacancy process for Castillo was underway in the Plenary Session of Parliament.

“We call on the Congress of the Republic to proceed with the removal of the citizen Pedro Castillo from the position of Head of State and the presidential succession to ensure governability within the framework of the constitutional norms,” ​​said the mining-energy union at the time.

In addition, he requested that the fight against corruption be maintained head-on and that “the weight of the law falls on those who are responsible for the acts that damage the morals of Peru.”

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