Performance of micro and small industries grows, says CNI

Business confidence rises for the third consecutive month, says FGV

The Business Confidence Index (ICE), calculated by the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV), increased 2.9 points from April to May this year. This was the third consecutive rise of the indicator, which reached 97.4 points, on a scale of 0 to 200 points, the highest level since October 2021 (100.4 points).Business confidence rises for the third consecutive month, says FGV

The ICE consolidates the confidence indices of Brazilian businessmen in four sectors surveyed by FGV: industry, construction, services and commerce.

The Present Situation Index, which measures the perception of the present, rose 2.4 points and reached 98.1 points. The Expectations Index, which measures confidence in the future, reached the same level, after increasing 3.7 points.

Among the four sectors, the best result of the ICE from April to May was registered by trade, which rose by 7.4 points. Despite this, the segment still has the lowest confidence: 93.3 points.

With an increase of 2.3 points from April to May, the industry remains with the highest confidence (99.7 points). Services rose 2.1 points to 98.3 points. Construction was the only sector with a drop from April to May (-1.4 points) and reached 96.3 points.

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