Bus overturn left four dead and 40 injured in Valencia

Bus overturn left four dead and 40 injured in Valencia

At least four deaths and 40 people injured left a traffic accident that occurred this Tuesday morning, on Fernando Figueredo avenue in the Valencia municipality, Carabobo state.

According to an official report from the National Risk Management System of Redan Central, the event occurred after the driver of the BlueBer model bus, Orlando Caraballo (64 years old), belonging to the Parque Valencia cooperative, lost control of the unit as a result of mechanical damage and rushed to the service road, at a height of approximately 3 meters.

It was learned that upon the arrival of the firefighters, a teenager and two women without vital signs were observed lying on the pavement, who possibly died on impact. While the fourth deceased perished in the central hospital.

Unofficially it was learned that the bus covered the Parque Valencia-Guataparo route.

Transfer of injured to the central hospital of Valencia

Thirty-nine injured were transferred to the Ciudad Hospitalaria Dr. Enrique Tejera in Valencia and one to a private center in the municipality.

Among the injured are: Mireya Pérez, Norelys Rivero, Ana Paez, Lisbeth Martínez, María Rodríguez, Mari Garcia, María Gómez, Francis Arias, Johana Pérez, Yerannys Montero, Indy Rodríguez and María Pachano.

Likewise, Yuleidy Arias, Eva Villasmil, Lilibet Morillo, Juana Colmenares, Luis Vieras, Jorge Alvarez, Neida Rodas, Yamileth Quintan, Karina Cañizalez and María Gómez were injured.

Officials from the Municipal Police, Civil Protection, the fire department, Poli Nacional, PoliCarabobo, Bomberos Valencia and Bomberos San Diego, Red Cross, among others, attended the place.

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