Bus and car crash ends in fire

Four armed men aboard a car fired shots at a Capitan Bado casino this morning. It is unknown who was the target of the attack, but fortunately there were no injuries and incredibly the four gunmen were caught.

The incident occurred around 2:30 this morning in the city of Capitán Bado, department of Amambay, on the International Line.

Criminals arrived in a Volkswagen Gol car, with acrylic plate III 375, without documentation and fired shots at the Premium casino, in the San José neighborhood of said city.

Investigative agents who were in the area for some reason, requested support from the 4th police station, which fortunately had a cell phone a few blocks from the site. The uniformed men managed to intercept the vehicle and arrest the occupants.

The subjects were identified as Cristhian Cuevas Duarte (28), Oscar Antonio Cabañas, (40), Luis Alfredo Duarte Cristaldo (19), Marcelo Mongelós Duarte (19).

From the possession of the subjects they seized: a Canik 9mm pistol, model TP 9sf; a Glock 9mm model 17 pistol; a Bul 9 mm pistol, model Cherokee and the car.

The attackers, all of Paraguayan nationality, are available to the Public Ministry for investigation.

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