Buena Vibra resalta la labor de periodistas en su día

Buena Vibra exalts the work of journalists in their day

This June 27, the National Journalist’s Day is celebrated, and in the Buena Vibra program broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión (VTV), it was celebrated in style, being honored the journalists who make possible, day by day, the production of this morning

As guests in this space were the journalists, Atenas Ojeda, Emilis Rodríguez, Zyanya Colmenarez and Román Hernández.

In this sense, Colmenarez stressed that when studying social communication, he did not do it with the intention of “going on screen, my area was documentaries, however, being on screen gives me the opportunity to develop that dream.”

He told an anecdote of one of his visits to Patanemo, Carabobo state, where he added that it brought back many memories because it is his paternal town, and that at the end he was able to make “a series of eight reports that the public could enjoy,” he highlighted.

For his part, Ojeda maintained that he started with several jobs in production and then he was asked to record off (it is a voice that narrates and does not belong to any of the characters that appear on stage or in the images), to later record exteriors. He added that the experience was incredible and enriching.

In the same way, the journalist and producer Hernández said that when she started on the program “she never envisioned having a segment that would influence society so much, because it carries a preventive message (Toma Dato) about important aspects in the daily life of Venezuelans.”

Every year the National Journalist’s Day is celebrated in Venezuela on June 27, in homage to the publication, in 1818, of the first issue of the Correo del Orinoco newspaper, created by El Libertador Simón Bolívar, with the collaboration of Juan Germán Roscio, Cristóbal Mendoza, among others and was instituted in 1964.


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