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Brothers who sold drugs are arrested by Senad

The Ministry of Health provided some precautionary recommendations so that the return home is calm and smooth. Let us remember that a significant number of people went to the interior of the country on holy days.

In this sense, he detailed several prevention strategies to reduce the number of injuries and deaths, emphasizing the use of a seat belt or helmet, depending on the type of transport, as well as respecting traffic signals.

To road users in general:

• Do not drive at excessive speed.

• Do not drive while tired or sleepy.

• Do not drive in any way under the influence of alcohol or sedatives.

• Avoid cell phone use while driving the vehicle.

• Implement the established protection measures: seat belts for all passengers and suitable seats for children; helmets, reflective materials, etc.

• Respect the traffic lights, as well as the indications of law enforcement officers and traffic signals.

• Check the proper functioning of the vehicle: adequate lights, brakes, tires; perform mechanical maintenance before traveling; carry with beacons, fire extinguishers, emergency wheels, first aid kit.

• Have, in your wallet, the name and telephone number of a person to contact in the event of a mishap.

• When driving on the routes, keep the lights on.

• Always be careful when maneuvering while driving.

• Park properly: on the routes, on the shoulders, and obligatorily place signaling elements.

to motorcyclists

• Mandatory use of appropriate helmet. Better if it is integral, with a jaw protector.

• Do not transport more than two people.

• Do not transport children under twelve years of age.

• Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

• Do not drive too fast.

• Respect traffic signals.

• Stay on one lane, avoid weaving between vehicles.

• Have adequate lights and working.

• Use some reflective material: vests, etc., that makes them visible on the routes.

• For cyclists, it is recommended to ride on the shoulders and use visible clothing.

Drivers of public transport vehicles

• Do not drive under the influence of alcohol.

• Do not drive too fast.

• Respect traffic signals.

• Respect users: do not lift or lower passengers when the vehicle is still in motion, or carry passengers on the footrests.

• Keep the vehicle in good condition and have security measures: beacons, fire extinguishers, etc.

• The law prohibits transporting passengers in the bodies of cargo vehicles and pickup trucks.

In case of any emergency, contact 141 (SEME), 911 (National Police) or 132 (Volunteer Firefighters).

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