Broad Front will send to the Prosecutor's Office further information on the complaint of the Marset case

Broad Front will send to the Prosecutor’s Office further information on the complaint of the Marset case

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This Monday, September 5, the caucus of senators from the Broad Front met. After the meeting, Senator Mario Bergara explained that one of the central topics of analysis was the questioning of Ministers Luis Alberto Heber (Interior) and Francisco Bustillo (Foreign Relations), on the Marset case.

Bergara said that during the interpellation the ministers did not give good explanations and many questions still remain.

He listed that there are doubts about: “the meetings, in the months of September and November 2021, between the Undersecretaries of the Interior (Guillermo Maciel) and the Foreign Ministry (Carolina Ache); the unusual meeting in November between Vice Chancellor Ache and Marset’s lawyer (Alejando Balbi) about the diplomatic bag and the sending of the passport; the supposed error in the computer system that said that the passport had traveled in the diplomatic bag and in real life it was not like that; Marset was said to be in a luxury hotel in Dubai when he was in prison; and how the passport was granted not based on the interest of the Uruguayan State, but based on the interests of Marset, who needed the passport to avoid deportation.”

Bergara said they are all “irregularities” that require more information.

Contribute to research

“We want to contribute to the investigation, because there are things that must be passed to the Justice. All this set of information will be sent to the Prosecutor’s Office, to the extent that the Prosecutor’s Office itself took up the issue ex officio and is investigating it,” said the MP from the Front.

On the other hand, the Broad Front bench will make a request for access to public information to the Foreign Ministry, because “there are many unanswered questions and there were actions that should have political repercussions.”

Bergara expressed his concern over the fact that ministers Heber and Bustillo said they would act in the same way again and, furthermore, because it is denied that the episode has affected the image of the country in the international community.

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