Broad Front rejects that the National Party "imposes its criteria"

Broad Front rejects that the National Party “imposes its criteria”

The Broad Front affirmed that the mayors Yamandu Orsi and Carolina Cosse they arrived “easily to agree” for the joint presidency of the Congress of Mayors, for which reason he attributed responsibilities to the National Party for the failure of that leadership.

The party rejected the “interference” of the whites in the decisions of their party. “We do not accept that the National Party, breaking the weather in full collaboration and agreement, that in institutional matters the Congress of Mayors has been created, intends to impose its criteria on another political force, in this case the Broad Front”, he pointed out.

He added that the Frente Amplistas had already agreed that the presidency of the Congress of Mayors would be occupied during 2023 for six months by the mayor of Montevideo, and the remaining six months by the mayor of Canelones.

The Broad Front recalled that the mechanism was used in 2018 by the National Party, with Adriana Peña (Lavalleja) and Marne Osorio (Rivera). “The precedent showed a totally legal scenario that did not pose any type of impediment, as it happened”lament.

“This is not a dispute over charges, but over political criteria and principles, the full independence of each political force,” he added.

This statement comes one day after Yamandú Orsi and Carolina Cosse failed to decide which of the two would occupy the presidency of the Congress of Mayors in 2023, and for this reason the Broad Front decided to cede the presidency to the National Party (PN), which currently has Guillermo López, white mayor of Florida, in office.

The Broad Front was appointed to the post in 2023 and the intention was for the mayors of Canelones and Montevideo to share out six months each. However, the opposition mayors already knew that the National Party did not accept this mechanism because they understood that it was outside the operating rules of the Congress of Mayors.

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