Fernando Pereira: "People must want to live in 2019" and not in 2022

Broad Front meets urgently after "records" from Astesiano to Bergara and Carrera

The president of the broad front, Fernando Pereiraurgently summoned the political table, the executive secretariat and the parliamentary benches to a meeting this Tuesday at ten in the morning to discuss Actions after it became known that one Miami-based company asked to the former head of the president’s custody Luis Lacalle Pou, Alejandro Astesianoelaborate “records” on Charles Carrera and Mario Bergara, two of the senators who denounced government hierarchs for the extension to Katoen Natie of the concession in the Port of Montevideo.

In a statement, the FA reported that given the “seriousness” of the information published by La Diaria from the chats it had Astesiano on his cell phonethis meeting would take place in the Seregni footprint.

On social media, Several Frente Amplista hierarchs expressed their solidarity with Carrera and Bergara. The Mayor of Montevideo, Caroline Cossetweeted: “all my solidarity, these shameful practices do enormous damage to our country and our democracy”.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Canelones, Yamandu Orsiexpressed that the country “needs to know the whole truth about these situations that are hitting the republic.” “If all this is confirmed, more than ever we need someone in the government to take responsibility. This is not a bandit, this speaks of something serious, and it threatens democracy”wrote.

In the Astesiano’s chats have a conversation with manager from a Miami-based security and investigations company called Vertical Skies.

“Let’s see, the information I need from them is everything personal. Since they want to tie them up so that they withdraw the complaint, ”says one of the chats between the general manager and Astesiano. After making the request, the individual insists again days later: “Good morning, Ale, you have my order, file of the 2 individuals”.

to that message, Asthesian he replies: “Good morning, at 3:00 p.m. I’m in the area, the other thing I talked about everything” and the next message from the manager He says: “Okay. Shall I then approach the tower?”. They then exchange audio messages and the topic only comes up again in April. “Good morning Ale, do you have a file on these two men?” The response is again by audio and then they contact each other again to coordinate a meeting in the Executive Tower.

In August, meanwhile, the company’s head of finance writes to request a series of data to make a transfer. “I ask you to give me her full name to be able to transfer the agreed commission via Western Union,” says the broadcast chat.

Four days later, the company manager assures that Astesiano has already received the money. “Well, Andrés (fictitious name) told me that you received the money, do we have any news?” He wrote.

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