Broad Front carried out a day of graffiti on walls because they are from the people and they defend themselves


The Easter Brigade of the FA carried out this Sunday, May 8, the intervention of ten walls in Montevideo together with neighbors of the union, political and social activity of the territory, in defense of freedom of expression and for the right to popular expression .

The day was carried out after the sanctions by the Misdemeanor Law that are being imposed on four militants of the Communist Party who painted for the eight martyrs of Sectional 20 of Avenida Agraciada, assassinated prior to the coup d’état.

The president of the Broad Front, Fernando Pereira, attended the activity carried out in the former gas meter of the Rambla and Río Negro.

In a dialogue with the press, Pereira said that “after the call by the Broad Front to come out to defend popular expression throughout the country and against the judicialization of the graffiti, on three of the walls that were painted the police requested information and personal data to the referents, action carried out in a pleasant working environment and respectful dialogue”.

There is no rule that prevents it

“We do not know for what reasons the Ministry of the Interior instructs that when there is a wall being painted, it takes the data of all the people who are painting, until then there would not be too much difficulty, but one of these cases ended up in court. It was a wall that has been painted for more than 30 years by different political parties, social or cultural organizations”, he said.

Pereira indicated that such people were taken to a court of infraction, and remarked that it is a “wrong” decision of the Ministry of the Interior, because the walls belong to the people, they are painted eternally and the walls speak.

“Persecuting this type of activity, which is freedom of expression, is wrong both by the Ministry of the Interior and by the Justice for trying to prosecute people for painting walls. The FA will continue to paint, because there is no rule that prevents it, “said Pereira.

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