Brito García: On July 5 we declared ourselves independent of any guardianship

“We are born twice, once when we come into the world and twice, when we take control of our existence and, precisely on July 5 is the moment in which Venezuela formally takes control of its existence, from that moment we declare ourselves sovereign and independent of any foreign guardianship and we point out that we will only be governed by our own authorities and our sovereignty”.

This was explained by the historian, Luis Brito García, during an interview on the 360 ​​program broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión (VTV), where he highlighted that independence and sovereignty are not won once because it is proclaimed or signed, for which reason he pointed out that every day is a perpetual battle to preserve the achievements achieved over the years, “it is like the life that defends itself from a number of external aggressors, when a body loses the ability to defend itself is death, it dissolves”.

In this sense, he indicated that Venezuela remains in an uninterrupted battle for national sovereignty, which represents the existence of the Republic and the possibility that the country be governed by elected authorities and that disputes over the application of laws are decided. by Venezuelan courts and not by foreign institutions.

“That challenge that Bolívar launched first in the patriotic june against the greatest empire on earth at that time, you have to see what that challenge meant from a village like Caracas at that time and the bravery, courage and ideological clarity to maintain it against what had been the first power on the planet, make it triumph and maintain it until today”, said Brito García.

In this regard, he emphasized that the oligarchies always work for their own benefit and to monopolize all privileges, for which reason he maintained that the people must remain alert “and free themselves at the moment in which the redistribution of the social product is uneven and put an end to it.” to that through their representative bodies, social pressure (…)”. Lastly, the historian commented that the opportunity for the emerging nations to consolidate their sovereignty comes when a conflict between the great powers of the moment is brewing.


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