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BRICS-PSUV share final declaration of the XXVI Meeting of the São Paulo Forum

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BRICS-PSUV comparten declaración final de XXVI Encuentro del Foro de São Paulo

Through the Twitter account @bricspsuv, the International Solidarity Communication Brigades of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (BRICS-PSUV) shared the Final Declaration of the XXVI Meeting of the São Paulo Forum, which took place in the city of Brasilia, Brazil, from June 29 to July 2 of this year.

In this statement, the members of the BRICS-PSUV expressed their rejection of the sanctions and the criminal and illegal blockade imposed by the government of the United States of America against the peoples of Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela. In turn, they stated that the aforementioned meeting occurred at a time when the world is facing various challenges, the advance of right-wing and extreme-right political forces, climate change, the conflict in Ukraine, among others, are facts that demand our direct and urgent confrontation.

Likewise, through this letter, they thanked the organization of this transcendental event, which took place under the motto “Regional integration to advance Latin American and Caribbean sovereignty”, as well as the presence of friendly organizations from around the world, who joined to the delegations and to the debates, to achieve a sovereign and independent Latin America and the Caribbean, protagonists of a broad movement for a multilateral, fair and egalitarian world.

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