Bricomiles recover “Panchita Adrianza” Educational Unit in Santa Rosalía

Bricomiles recover “Panchita Adrianza” Educational Unit in Santa Rosalía

The Military Community Brigades for Education and Health (Bricomiles), recovered the “Panchita Adrianza” Educational Unit, located in the Santa Rosalía parish, in Caracas. In the ceremony of delivery to the community, the sectoral vice president of Political Sovereignty, Security and Peace, G/J Vladimir Padrino Lopezhighlighted the civic-military union to achieve the recovery of this space.

The General in Chief explained: “We have made a complete approach to this educational unit, which has more than 400 students enrolled, has its teachers, directors, and now has shiny corridors. This is how all children deserve it, for the development of cultural activities”.

“Social movements participated in the works, the ‘Bolívar-Chávez Battle Units’, militiamen, people’s guards and engineering units, to see this educational unit resplendent, it is the unity of the people, which exercises its sovereignty in all fields, in this case in education,” he concluded.

The Bolivarian Government has allocated more resources to the Ministry of Popular Power for Education, for the repair of other schools, which is why they articulate with the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, and thus carry out recovery work in more educational units.


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