Bread with wheat semolina: a new formula in Havana bakeries

MIAMI, United States — The local bread that is sold in bodegas and other commercial establishments in Havana will begin to be produced with durum wheat semolina, the Provincial Food Industry Company (EPIA) indicated on Tuesday.

The entity indicated in social networks that “the traditional bread produced until now with 100% refined wheat flour will begin to be produced and marketed from durum wheat semolina availability”, a formula that has “40% semolina and 60% flour traditional”.

The information highlights that the new ingredient, far from worsening the quality of the bread, will improve its baking and finish. It will also provide essential nutrients and vitamins.

“Durum wheat semolina is low in sodium content, rich in vitamins B3, B4 and B9, and also improves cooking and the appearance of the finished product,” EPIA specified on its Facebook account.

During the last weeks, the EPIA of Havana has updated on the situation of the bread corresponding to the basic basket, assuring that the price set for the 80-gram round bread was one peso in national currency and that there was “no change with with respect to the price of its sale.

Despite the announcements made by the entities in charge of manufacturing the product, the complaints from Cubans about the poor quality of the bread continue. They assure that, in many cases, it is scarce in many wineries and establishments authorized for that purpose.

At the beginning of April of this year, specialists and officials from the EPIA Havana detected irregularities in the production of bread in various establishments in the capital.

The controls showed that the bread made in the state bakeries was “out of standard” or “underweight”, since it did not have the established grammage of 80 grams.

The state entity reported on that occasion that organizational and disciplinary measures would be taken with all those involved in the irregularities.

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