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Brea: the Popular Party comes out stronger after the May 5 elections

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The president of the Popular Party (PP), Daniel Brea, stated that the group emerged stronger after the May 5 elections. “We have always participated in government alliances, but on this occasion we did it with our own presidential candidate and with a real opportunity to win,” he said.

He mentioned that he maintains a cordial relationship with former president Martín Torrijos, presidential standard bearer of the PP in the recent elections, whom he considers a friend of the group. “We chose the best presidential option for Panama, but the people decided.”

With a militancy of more than 35 years in the Christian democracy, Brea highlighted that the PP will continue preparing to strengthen its electoral offer. “Part of the $5.8 million obtained by the party, by reaching third place in presidential votes, will be allocated to the training of young people and the formation of good candidates.”

Along these lines, he announced that the PP is preparing for a change of authorities, following what is stipulated in its internal regulations, which it was scheduling before last May’s elections.
Regarding the position of the group before the new government, he indicated that it is a decision of the Political Committee, which will meet soon. “We are clear that the party will not be an obstacle, that it will collaborate in everything that benefits the country and helps it resume its economic rhythm.”

Regarding the appointment of the ministers of the new government, Brea commented: «there are figures with an excellent track record; However, the performance of each one must be evaluated when they take office.

The businessman also linked to agriculture, emphasized the need for a joint effort to overcome the current crisis. “From the PP we are committed to continuing to fight to change the reality of Panamanians, supporting initiatives and actions of the new authorities,” he stated. He warned that governing in an improvised manner and without understanding the current situation in the country would be a failure for everyone.

The president of the PP, likewise, emphasized the responsibility of the elected president, José Raúl Mulino and of the National Assembly, with a majority bench of deputies by free nomination. “People are hopeful that things are going to change,” he said.

Among the main challenges to face, unemployment stood out, highlighting the concern and frustration of many Panamanians at not finding employment and having to subsist in the informal economy.

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