Brazil needs a new process of reindustrialization, says Ciro Gomes

Brazil needs a new process of reindustrialization, says Ciro Gomes

The PDT candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Ciro Gomes, said today (9th) that Brazil needs a “new process of reindustrialization”. When campaigning in the streets of Londrina (PR), Labor once again stated that, over the last few decades, the country was the scene of a “disastrous” de-industrialization movement.Brazil needs a new process of reindustrialization, says Ciro Gomes

“The destruction of industries in Brazil has to be stopped by a new process of reindustrialization. This is the great demand for economic modernization of an economy [nacional] what [encontra no setor de] services an insufficient response to add the values ​​we need”, said Ciro, referring to the country’s need to generate more jobs and produce and export goods with greater added value.

“The industrial complexes of health, agribusiness, defense and oil, gas and renewable energy can explode the generation of jobs, income and taxes to improve health, education and everything our people ask for”, added Ciro.

From Londrina, the candidate went to Maringá (PR), about 100 kilometers away. In a campaign committee, Ciro criticized Brazilian social inequality.

“Among us, Brazilians, five people accumulate income and fortune [equivalente as] 100 million poorest Brazilians”, said the pedestrian, whose campaign proposals include the reduction of subsidies and tax incentives for items that are not essential; the re-creation of a tax to be levied on profits and dividends and the taxation, at 0.5%, of the fortunes of individuals with assets in excess of R$20 million.

“This is not an indictment of wealth because I have nothing against rich people earning a decent amount of money. The basic issue is that, on the other side of this macabre statistic of income concentration, we find 33 million Brazilians starving,” said Ciro.

“The political campaign cannot be a dispute of egos, of power projects, of violence, of depoliticized passions, of misplaced hatred. Still [esta semana] a compatriot of ours died, in a barbaric way, because of a political argument. While candidates are protected, surrounded by security, by protective apparatus, our people are exposed. And we still have a lot of time until the 2nd [de outubro] to defuse this bomb”, said Ciro when commenting on the case where an argument over politics resulted in a brutal murderin Confresa (MT), on Wednesday night (7).

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