Boy from Yapacaní who fled to Chile is guarded for fear of reprisals from the accused of rape

Boy from Yapacaní who fled to Chile is guarded for fear of reprisals from the accused of rape

The justice they did not find in Bolivia, they found in Chile. The family of the first child abused by the four brothers from Yapacaní had to flee the country, after receiving constant death threats from the accused and their relatives.

Now they live better and receive help from the police and judicial authorities. that in the Ichilo province they did not have, according to the lawyer Maribel Alba López, who carried out the process since September 2020 and managed to have Santiago Salazar Téllez, the main perpetrator of the violation, detained in jail.

According to the investigation booklet handled by the Prosecutor’s Office, the abuse against the minor, who is now 11 years old, It happened in 2019, when Santiago Salazar Téllezgrabbed the victim by the arm and forcibly made him drink a soda with some substance that made him lose consciousness.

when the boy woke up I was in a house with four subjects, including Santiago, who were filming the rape. In August 2020, the accused returned to abuse the minor. ORn month after the fact, East couldn’t stand the pain and he had to ask his parents to take them to visit a doctor and in a clinic they described that he had been a victim of rape and that as a result he was infected with a deadly disease.

The jurist Maribel Alba said that the Police arrested Santiago Salazar for this case of aggravated rape. Later Fhe was sent to Palmasola prison, where he died on September 22, 2021, due to a sexually transmitted disease.

He pointed out that the other three brothers of the detainee could not be charged, because the victim did not know them by name and despite the fact that in his statement he accused four people, the justice system only accepted to prosecute one, since the case was about to reach its oral trial and the process could not be extended.

Alba said that the defendant’s family harassed and He threatened to kill the relatives of the minor. For this reason, the mother left the country in October of last year, taking the victim and her other daughter with her.

“On one occasion Miguel Ángel Salazar Téllez, who was beaten in the plaza of Yapacaní for abusing another child, pointed a firearm at the minor’s mother and told her that he was going to kill her for denouncing her brother. This was the trigger for her to decide to leave Bolivia, ”she said in contact with EL DEBER.

The lawyer commented that to travel to Chile requested permission from the Buena Vista court, but they were referred to the judicial house of Montero, where they did not give him any answer. Thus, he had to leave the country illegally, abandoning the process.

Now in Chile, he filed a complaint for civil compensation and local authorities have provided financial assistance to the parent, in addition to the fact that they are making the affected minor study. “The authorities of that country have called me to request the documentation of the case. There, a lawsuit was opened to repair damages and the family receives food and clothing, moreover, they have told me that they will even give them nationality, ”he commented.

In addition, there are police guarding to the minor and his family in Chile, because in that country he would be a 15-year-old adolescent, who is the brother of Santiago Salazar (deceased) Miguel (detained in Chonchoro), and another 16-year-old (detained in Cenvicruz).

The authorities know that the accused was arrested with controlled substances last year, but apparently he would have already been released. and that is why the family is being guarded by the police every time they leave their home. While the whereabouts of the fugitive are being investigated, because if they live in the same city as the victim, this will have to be guarded 24 hours a day”, he commented.

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