Boxer Kevin Brown wins his first professional title in the US a year after fleeing Cuba

Cuban Kevin Brown, who escaped in March of last year prior to his participation in the Continental Boxing Championship in Guayaquil (Ecuador), won his first professional boxing title outside the island last Friday. “He cleanly beat his rival Julian Smith for much of the second half of the fight,” public Play Off Magazine.

Brown, who abandoned the Tamers team in Panama and passed through five countries before settling in the United States, arrived on Friday night at Caribe Royale Orlando with the aim of conquering the Continental belt of the Americas of the World Boxing Association. There was no doubt for the judges that they saw the man from Camagüey as superior during the ten rounds that the fight lasted.

The place Boxing scene He highlighted the fight of the 29-year-old Cuban who is trained by Bob Santos in Las Vegas and directed by Shane Shapiro. Though Brown, he noted, “had success with lead right hands, he was left open to Smith’s counter late in the fourth round.”

While the chronicler specialized in boxing Jake Donovan saw in the native of Nuevitas the possessor of a left hook that impacted and damaged the American.

This is the Continental belt of the Americas that Cuban Kevin Brown conquered.  (Facebook/Kevin DownTown Alpha Brown)

Brown dedicated his win to the people of Cuba and his hometown, “where so many people relate so much to every fight.” In his Facebook account, he acknowledged that “behind a good victory there are people who motivate you to keep going” and thanked his family and his work team and friends.

14 months ago he decided desert, had the opportunity to do so on a trip to the Netherlands, but this junior world champion in Yerevan, Armenia, in 2012, waited for a better time. Although he acknowledges that he left the Island late, he did so to “achieve stability” as a boxer, “one of the reasons why one is here is to make a better life.” declared to Cuban Boxing.

The athlete is the son of Liuba Brown, a prominent Cuban taekwondo athlete, and has a prestigious history, being National Champion of National School Games between 2006 and 2011, gold in the tournament in Kazakhstan in 2011 and silver in the tournament in San Petersburg 2012.


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