Borja rescued River and Demichelis

Borja rescued River and Demichelis

Borja rescued River and Demichelis

The demands began to sound in the Monumental. River They lost to Rosario Central, did not show signs with their game and put their qualification for the playoffs in serious jeopardy. League Cup. However, attentive, in the center of the millionaire attack, he waited Miguel Borja with patience to hit mercilessly twice. And the second celebration was dedicated to Martin Demichelis, in the field pointing and hugging him; and before the press, remarking: “The coach told me: ‘Don’t leave the area. Stay, lengthen them because spaces are going to be generated.’ Many times I don’t touch the ball. I would like to go out and play it, but those are the coach’s decisions that I have to respect.”

Later, Demichelis He validated what the forward said: “I insisted to Borja not to move from the area, because he is lethal there.” And yes: he has 12 goals in two games in this League Cup. And in River There are already 35 in 76 presentations.

Leaving aside the precise advice to Borja, The initial setup that he proposed was strange again. Demichelis. He usually makes mistakes in the starting formation and then, with the wealth of variations, he gets the changes right and ends up smiling. It happened again on Sunday night in Argentina.

Needed River elaboration, associations to break a Central Rosary without chances, with many starters reserved for the Libertadores and designed to wait and respond with a counterattack. Despite what the match imposed in the previous, Demichelis He put up few flyers and repeated the formula that had not worked for him during the week in Venezuela, against Tachira. Three forwards again, with Pablo Solari on the outside and with Facundo Colidio uncomfortable on the left.

River It depended in the first half on Claudio Echeverri and his individual antics. The team did not work collectively. On top of that, Central slapped him early with a fabulous left kick from Lautaro Giaccone that went in at an angle.

And at halftime the first two changes of Demichelis. Inside Andres Herrera (real right back) and Rodrigo Villagra for the inconsequential Uruguayans Sebastian Boselli (central of improvised origin as a winger) and Nicolás Fonseca. Immediately the team rose, but the real leap was made with the arrivals at 20 of the final stage of Ignacio Fernández and Esequiel Barco for Santiago Simón and Colidio. And there River, with those two footballers, accentuated the circulation and gave greater fluidity to the attacks. And the ball reached the area twice Borja…The Colombian anticipated on both occasions and turned the story around. And the Monumental exploded with happiness.

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The victory of River rounded off a Sunday that had shown the victories of Racing (2-0 against Lanús), Barracas Central (3-2 against Instituto) and Atlético Tucumán (3-2 to Gimnasia). The penultimate date will close today with Riestra – Huracán, Godoy Cruz – Sarmiento and Platense – Tigre.

The top four in each group will qualify for the playoffs. The positions in Zone A show first Argentinos and Barracas Central with 25 points. Second is River with 24. Third, Talleres with 23. Then, Independiente and Vélez with 22.

Meanwhile, in Zone B, the leader is Godoy Cruz with 26. He is escorted Lanús and Defense and Justicia with 23. Boca has 22. Then, Racing, Estudiantes and Newell’s with 21. Here xeneizes and pincharratas must complete the suspended match, which will be key to see which teams advance to the quarterfinals. They will do it before the last day.

The only one qualified for the quarterfinals is Godoy Cruz. The other seven will be defined on the final day of the group stage (not yet scheduled), with what happens in these matches: Argentinos – Barracas Central, Instituto – River, Independiente – Talleres, Independiente Rivadavia – Vélez, Boca – Godoy Cruz , Lanús – Estudiantes, Belgrano – Racing and Defense and Justice – Newell’s. In the end, it will be a captivating chapter.

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