Borges warns that "power without limits" is undermining democracy in the world

Borges emphasizes that it is up to PJ to return to lead the democratic alternative

Julio Borges, new vice president of communication strategy and international relations for Primero Justicia (PJ), said that with the organizational changes in his party, which is now chaired by María Beatriz Martínez, a new chapter of struggle is opening. He asks not to waste time on rivalries around the presidential candidacy

Julius Borges, new vice president of communication strategy and international relations of Primero Justicia (PJ), said that with the organizational changes of his party, which he now chairs Maria Beatriz Martinez A new chapter of struggle opens.

“Just as we led the 2012 and 2013 elections with our colleague Henrique Capriles, just as Primero Justicia led the victory of the 2015 parliament, just as we led the protests, just as we led the world’s ignorance in 2018, now it’s up to the vigilantes to lead this new stage and achieve the definitive triumph of good against evil,” Borges pointed out, on Saturday, September 24, during his virtual speech before the National Political Committee of PJ.

In his message, the opposition leader stressed that it is up to Primero Justicia, once again, to stand up, gain strength “and once again lead a democratic alternative, which is no longer seen by the Venezuelan people as an option. It should fill all of us vigilantes with pride, that, in the midst of a ferocious dictatorship, Primero Justicia has tirelessly continued to fight, grow and multiply his leadership in the streets».

Likewise, Julio Borges recalled, in his message before the yellow awning, that, within the United Nations Organization (UN), a working group was created around the Fact Verification Mission, which is made up of 22 countries and has been in charge of studying in detail the violations of Human Rights against political dissidence in Venezuela.

He referred to the recent report of the Mission, a document with 122 cases of human rights violations, “with victims who have been subjected to torture, sexual violence, cruel treatment, all carried out by officials of the political police of the regime of Nicolas Maduro.

He pointed out that the councilor Fernando Alban (PJ), assassinated in 2018 while in the power of the State, “was a victim of this death machine. We were together precisely at the UN. We were talking to many countries to seek to make the regime unknown in 2019.”

Borges, on behalf of Councilor Albán and his family, said: “Our fight is a fight for justice for all of Venezuela and that is why we have baptized this Political Committee with the name of Albán.”

He argued that the objective of the Political Committee is to represent “the federation of all the states of the country in the political and strategic epicenter of our movement.”

According to Borges, “there is no movement in Venezuela with the spirituality, with the values, with the organization, with the capacity for work and with the mystique of Primero Justicia.”

In his opinion, the construction of a presidential leadership has two exclusive paths: first, take advantage of that dynamic to grow, to energize, to visit all corners of Venezuela, to defeat the dictatorship with a presidential candidate from Justice First.

“The second option is a denied option, which is wasting time in weariness, in rivalry, in speaking in the mirror, in personal calculation or in vanity, while more than 35 million Venezuelans are going through the worst moment of our lives,” he stressed.

Summoned the PC unit.

“We have to move forward and united. This is the darkest moment. We have to come out with a single message for Venezuela and for the whole world, that they have the confidence and the conviction that we are dedicated solely and exclusively to making justice come first in Venezuela and that no one else, ever again, should die for the search for justice as happened with our brother Fernando Albán, who is guiding us every second in the search for freedom,” said Julio Borges.

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