Border bridges are in conditions for the passage of cargo

Border bridges are in conditions for the passage of cargo

During the Border Agreement meeting that takes place in Cúcuta, the Colombian Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Germán Umaña, and the Minister of Transport, Guillermo Reyes, revealed details of the roadmap that the Gustavo government has Petro for the restoration of relations between Colombia and Venezuela, according to a review blue radio.

Minister Reyes confirmed that he has already had approaches with his Venezuelan counterpart so that at the time of the reopening of the border, they can once again have land and air connections between the two countries.

In statements to Venezuelan media during the event, Reyes assured that “the four bridges that connect the south of Venezuela with Colombia and the one in Arauca are in optimal technical conditions for pedestrian mobility of vehicles and cargo. He even invited the journalists attending the conference to carry out an inspection of their conditions, which he will carry out together with his Venezuelan counterpart, Hipólito Abreu.

On the other hand, Reyes commented that they will have reciprocal conditions for the control of traffic over the bridges on issues such as parking, security conditions, that the carriers of both nations have their records and updated insurance up to date, issues that he will fine-tune at the meeting. that he will maintain with the Venezuelan transport minister and that the loads are within the standards that have been agreed upon, as he explained.

He also said that flights between the two countries could resume operations in October. “I have no doubt that very soon both presidents will meet at the border and relations will open there,” they are working on that, he said during the forum

The Colombian Minister of Commerce, Germán Umaña, assured that the reopening of the border will take place soon: “when there is an integrality in that process that includes diplomatic, trade and transportation relations.”

The ministers met in the middle of the “Agreement on the Border” event in which Fedecamaras, the Norte de Santander Interunion Committee and the Colombo-Venezolana Chamber participate, a space in which the ambassador appointed by the Colombian government in Venezuela, Armando Benedict.

The binational summit of the Colombian-Venezuelan business association held in Cúcuta, Colombia, laid the foundations for a new stage in their commercial relations.

“Of course, both on the Táchira border, as well as on the Zulia border, there is a movement of opinion, of exchange, of connection, never really seen before, it is almost like an explosion of joy among those who are in charge of that activity”, said the deputy roy dazaof the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela.

The current situation of trade, investment, service infrastructure, transportation, payment mechanisms, the temporary tariff regime and the incorporation of special economic zones were some of the issues addressed at the summit, according to the Venezuelan Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Production (Fedecamaras).

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