Booklet alerts consumers to Black Friday deals

Booklet alerts consumers to Black Friday deals

Agents of the Consumer Protection and Defense Authority of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Procon-RJ) will monitor the prices of the products most sought after by consumers to compare with the values ​​practiced on the day of the promotion sexta-feira Negrawhich takes place on the last Friday of this month (29).Booklet alerts consumers to Black Friday deals

So that consumers can take advantage of the occasion, Procon-RJ prepared a booklet in which useful guidelines for purchases in physical stores and online?? Suppliers, in turn, are warned not to violate the Consumer Protection Code when making their offers.

A Procon suggestion is that consumers know exactly what they want to buy and do market research on the average value of the product outside the promotion period, as the objective is to be able to acquire it at a real discount. At the time of purchase, attention should be paid to the cost of shipping.

For the supplier, the advice is to always leave clear and precise information, so that the consumer has no doubts about basic information about price, items that make up the product, exchange conditions, delivery time, contractual guarantee, among other essential data. .


The president of Procon-RJ, Cássio Coelho, pointed out that the sexta-feira Negra It is a very important date for the economy. It is, he said, a special event in which companies can achieve a large number of sales and renew stocks, while consumers, on the other hand, can purchase desired products or hire services with special discounts. “Therefore, the event needs to maintain credibility,” he said.

To this end, he warned that advertising must comply with the Consumer Protection Code, presenting clear information that does not mislead the buyer. The guidance booklet created by Procon will contribute to suppliers and consumers, said the president. The autarchy monitors the prices of the main products sold on that date, “to guarantee the success of the event and contribute to the state’s economy”, added Coelho.


The booklet highlights that the great stars of sexta-feira Negra are low prices. But consumers are not always aware of this. A warning is that prices must be visible and posted on the product, without the need to call a salesperson to inform him. Likewise, the total cost to be paid with financing must be clearly exposed, with the amount and amount of installments, in addition to the interest charged. The information referring to the price of the product and characteristics are also valid for the barcode modality.

They constitute violations of the basic right of the consumer, also applicable to electronic commerce, to use letters in size or color that make it difficult to perceive the information; use erased, smudged, or strikethrough characters; use code that leaves the consumer in doubt at the time of consultation; expose information at angles that hinder perception.

Regarding the guarantee, Procon-RJ clarifies that there are three types. The legal guarantee is established by the Consumer Protection Code, it does not depend on the contract and provides 30 days for complaints about non-durable products and services, such as food, for example, and 90 days for durable goods, such as a television or washing machine. . The contractual guarantee complements the legal one, is offered by the supplier, of its own free will, and must always be in writing. If the supplier offers, for example, a nine-month contractual guarantee, the consumer will have a three-month legal guarantee plus the nine-month contractual guarantee, totaling one year. The third type is the extended warranty which actually works like an insurance policy. In general, it is contracted separately and offered by another company with no relation to the manufacturer.

The Procon-RJ warned that many stores can embed the value of the guarantee in the products. If any supplier performs this practice, the consumer must report it to the municipality.

In the case of showcase pieces sold at a price below the usual price, stores must clearly inform the reason for the reduction on the purchase receipt.

From the consumer’s complaint, the supplier has 30 days to solve the problem. At the end of that period, he can demand the exchange for a product of the same type, in perfect condition of use; immediate refund of the amount paid; or the proportional reduction of the price.

In relation to the delivery of goods, the store is obliged to inform the expected fulfillment of the contract. When it fails to comply with the deadline that it has determined, consumers must contact the company through the Customer Service Center (SAC).


As for internet purchases, Procon-RJ’s recommendation is that consumers verify the safety of the site, checking that the address uses the https protocol and that an icon in the form of a closed padlock is displayed. Clicking on the lock, the guarantee certificate of the site?? It is important to search the internet for reports from other consumers about the company and keep all emails order confirmation, payment and any other communication received from the store.

If the consumer uses a credit card to pay for the purchase, he must opt ​​for the temporary virtual card, which is only valid for a single purchase over the internet.

Other tips like these can be found in the booklet cool black friday??


The Brazilian Electronic Commerce Association estimates that the sexta-feira Negra this year will move around R$ 6.05 billion in trade online nationwide, with a total of 8.3 million requests. The items that lead consumer preference are electronics, telephony, IT products, household appliances, small appliances, fashion, beauty and health.

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