Book dedicated to screenwriter Alberto Luberta presented in Havana

Dedicated to the writer and screenwriter Alberto Luberta, the book who loves you wellby Caridad Martínez, was presented yesterday in the usual space Saturday of the Book.

Guillermo Pavón Pacheco, vice president of the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television (ICRT), narrated stories related to Luberta and stated that “her fruitful journey through radio has undoubtedly bequeathed to future generations one of the most precious careers in this medium. Inserted in the sector at the early age of fifteen, he has left us an extraordinary path of professional practice as an intellectual “, indicated the newspaper Rebel Youth.

Caridad Martínez added that “in the Cuban radio sector there was practically no humor. The only exception in this regard was Desktop Joys, broadcast by Radio Progress. In 2015 the idea arose of taking the scripts of this program written by Luberta to elaborate the facsimile, but it never materialized“.

«Desktop Joys». Photo: Radio Clock.

For his part, Jorge Alberto Piñero (JAPE), revealed that “the idea of ​​resuming the book project came from the Center for the Promotion of Humor”, while exposing Luberta’s imprint on Cuban radio and humor.

Luberta was born on September 27, 1931 in the Pogolotti neighborhood, in Marianao, and died on January 23, 2017.

During his extensive career he created different works for the radio with great repercussion, but his work in the humorous-musical program Desktop Joyswhich he performed for more than 55 years, was the one that installed him forever in the memory of Cubans of different generations.

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