Bolsonaro receives re-elected federal deputies at Palácio da Alvorada

Bolsonaro receives re-elected federal deputies at Palácio da Alvorada

The presidential candidate for the PL, Jair Bolsonaro, received today (6) at Palácio da Alvorada a group of federal deputies and re-elected governors, who expressed their support for the reelection of the president. The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira, was also present at the meeting.Bolsonaro receives re-elected federal deputies at Palácio da Alvorada

“The choices that Brazil made [para o Parlamento] left a very strong message for all Brazilians of the trend towards the direction that the population wants for the next four years: a center-right, reforming, conservative congress, giving direction to a path that is already paved. This Congress was elected for the continuity of the Bolsonaro government”, said Arthur Lira, from the Progressive Party, which was re-elected by the state of Alagoas.

Women parliamentarians also reinforced their support for the president’s re-election, in the search for the female vote. “This is the moment when we, deputies, are going to engage in this campaign because we, as representatives of the people, understand that we can talk to women, those who have not yet received the correct information about what this government of President Bolsonaro has done for women, for families”, said Bia Kicis (PL), federal deputy re-elected by the Federal District.

During his speech, Bolsonaro highlighted that he was re-elected seven times as a federal deputy, for 28 years. “Throughout our mandate we are judged for what we did, we didn’t do, for what we omitted, as well as for the hope that you can give the population”, he said, about the actions of parliamentarians.

“Today, the Parliament is center-right, it is a parliament that has a much greater chance of approving projects more easily and more quickly, other projects that will further help our Brazil to be a real first world country”, he added. Bolsonaro, on the alignment of Congress with government guidelines.

The governors of Roraima, Antônio Denarium, of Acre, Gladson Cameli, and of Goiás, Ronaldo Caiado, participated in the meeting. Government ministers and the first lady, Michelle Bolsonaro, were also present.

Brazil aid

Bolsonaro also said that he talked to Arthur Lira about a proposal to tax dividends (company profits paid to shareholders) to fund the complementation of Auxílio Brasil. As of January, the value of the benefit goes back to R$400 and the government seeks resources to keep it at R$600.

According to the president, the idea is to tax dividends greater than R$400,000 per month. “Enough to make this R$600 program definitive,” he said.

union Brazil

After the meeting with Bolsonaro, the governor of Goiás, Ronaldo Caiado, re-elected by União Brasil, said that most party members support the president’s re-election. In the first round, União Brasil had Senator Soraya Thronicke as a candidate for the presidency, who finished in fifth position with 0.51% of valid votes.

Yesterday (5), the national president of the party and federal deputy reelected by Pernambuco, Luciano Bivar, announced that the party would release state directories to decide on support in the second round of the presidential elections.

In addition to Caiado, the re-elected governor of Mato Grosso, Mauro Mendes was also at Palácio da Alvorada and declared his support for Bolsonaro. As well as two candidates from the party for state governments, who are vying for the second round: Wilson Lima, who is seeking reelection in Amazonas against Senator Eduardo Braga (MDB-AM), and Marcos Rocha, who is trying to be reelected in Rondônia in a race against Marcos Rogério (PL-AM).

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