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Some 200 families from the communities surrounding the Banco San Miguel and Bahía de Asunción Ecological Reserve benefit from more than 220 kg of winter coats in good condition, collected as part of the Sustainable Wardrobe campaign, promoted by various institutions, organizations and business associations.

The solidarity collection “Sustainable Wardrobe”, which collected more than 220 kg of coats, was presented last June from the social networks of the organizations that promoted the campaign, such as the United Nations Development Program (UNDP Paraguay), the Industrial Association of Apparel Manufacturers of Paraguay (AICP) and Junio ​​Verde. With the support of the National Youth Secretariat, the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development, the Municipality of Asunción, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, REDIEX, FMAM, Sentí Paraguay and FOMIPYMES.

The organizations promoting the “Sustainable Wardrobe” collection delivered the clothing and coats collected during the campaign to the Cleaning Brigade of the Banco San Miguel and Bahía de Asunción Ecological Reserve, which will be in charge of distributing all the items , at the headquarters of the Caacupemí School of the Bañado Norte.

Solidarity and sustainable practices

The intention of this campaign was to promote citizen solidarity and sustainable practices of responsible consumption, hoping to benefit the more than 200 families of the children who attend this educational institution and the surrounding communities.

The delivery of coats was attended by Silvia Morimoto, resident representative of the UNDP in Paraguay, the Minister of Youth, Edgar Colmán; Hugo Piccinini, from MADES; Ludy Ferreira, representing the universal viceroy Nadia Ferreira; Marcela Bacigalupo and Melva Han, for the AICP Sustainable Fashion Seal; authorities of the Municipality of Asunción, as well as referents of the allied brands.

The solidarity collection of coats “Sustainable Wardrobe” aimed to provide a second chance to winter clothing in good condition, contributing to responsible and sustainable consumption, to collaborate with the Cleaning Brigade and families in the area. The initiative contributes to the fulfillment of Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible Production and Consumption.

young transformers

Minister Edgar Colmán assured that the SNJ will accompany and support solidarity initiatives and actions aimed at people who need it.
“We support and accompany this noble cause and try to be close to the people who need it. As long as they make us participate, we will be there, because as our slogan says, to be protagonists and transformers to achieve the Paraguay we want.

By committing ourselves and calling for action with activities like these, we can really transform our country into what we want”, he emphasized.
For his part, Marimoto explained that this campaign was developed after a visit to the Ecological Reserve, where he spoke with members of the Cleaning Brigade, who were able to present the great work they carry out.

“The UNDP, in its articulating role, connected with the brands of the Sustainable Fashion Seal, with the AICP and with the organization Junio ​​Verde to co-organize the collection,” he remarked.

Community support and ecological reserve conservation

The collection period lasted three weeks, in which garments and coats in good condition could be deposited in the sustainable cabinets, located in the Casa Rica stores, in the Shopping del Sol, and in the BASIC and NICE stores. . These donation points received nearly 1,200 clothing items and other items, which were delivered to the San Miguel Bank Cleaning Brigade, in charge of distributing the items, in their role as community leaders.

The Cleaning Brigade of the Banco San Miguel and Bahía de Asunción Ecological Reserve is made up of members and leaders of the community, 70% of whom are women. In addition to cleaning and removing waste, it plays an important role through leadership and support for the community in the care and conservation of the ecological reserve. Its conformation is part of the “Asunción Green City of the Americas – Pathways to Sustainability” project.

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