FGTS calamity withdrawal is released to residents of 4 more cities

Bolsa Família is paid today to beneficiaries with final NIS 4

Caixa Econômica Federal pays today (16) the February installment of Bolsa Família to beneficiaries with Social Registration Number (NIS) at the end of 4. The minimum amount corresponds to R$ 600.Bolsa Família is paid today to beneficiaries with final NIS 4

According to the Ministry of Development and Social Assistance, this month the federal government’s income transfer program will reach 21.86 million families, with an expenditure of R$ 13.2 billion. The average amount received by each one is equivalent to R$ 606.91.

Since last month, the social program has been renamed Bolsa Familia. The minimum amount of BRL 600 was guaranteed after the approval of the Constitutional Amendment of the Transition, which allowed the use of up to BRL 145 billion outside the spending ceiling this year, of which BRL 70 billion is destined to fund the benefit.

Payment of the additional R$ 150 for families with children up to 6 years old has not yet started. In January, the Minister of Development and Social Assistance, Wellington Dias, stated that the extra amount will only start to be paid in March, after the government combs the Single Registry for Social Programs of the Federal Government (CadÚnico), to eliminate fraud. .

In the traditional Bolsa Família model, payment takes place in the last ten business days of each month. The beneficiary will be able to consult information about payment dates, the amount of the benefit and the composition of the installments in the Caixa Tem application, used to monitor the bank’s digital savings accounts.

Gas Allowance

The Gas Aid will also be paid today to families enrolled in CadÚnico, with NIS end 4. The benefit, with the value of R$ 112 in February, follows the Bolsa Família calendar.

The program serves 5.95 million families this month and is expected to last until the end of 2026. With the approval of the Constitutional Transition Amendment, the benefit was maintained at 100% of the average price of the 13 kg cylinder. This month alone, the government will spend R$ 667.2 million.

You can only receive the Gas Allowance if you are included in the CadÚnico and have at least one family member who receives the Continued Provision Benefit (BPC). The law that created the program defined that the woman responsible for the family will have preference, as well as women victims of domestic violence.

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