Bolivian 'Foodies' congregate in Santa Cruz to promote local gastronomy

Bolivian ‘Foodies’ congregate in Santa Cruz to promote local gastronomy

August 22, 2022, 2:26 PM

August 22, 2022, 2:26 PM

It was no coincidence, this weekend the social networks were filled with images of the delight that can be tasted in the street, markets or restaurants from Santa Cruz de la Sierraand it was due to a meeting of ‘foodies’ from different departments who carried out a ‘food tour’ in the city of the rings.

Some of the guests were Mauri Cocina and Pamela Prudencio from Cochabamba (TheTasteHunter) and Álvaro Ruiz from La Paz (TheBolivianFoodie), while they officiated as hosts Chris Monroy (quebuenplanscz) and Nicole Pinto (lasabrosabo).

On their tour, the visitors were in the cabins of the Piraí River, where they tried dishes such as majao and also the typical baked goods, and the New Market, place of the famous scrambled eggs of Mario Hígado.

But the walk was much more extensive and delicious and it could not miss the barbecues, the breaded belly, the patajca, the salteñas, the peanut soup and anticuchos de jiba, that have become one of the unmissable dishes.

Other options also had their place which, although they are not traditional, the people of Santa Cruz have been adapting and adopting in their daily menu, such as fried chicken, pizzas or Mexican tacos and nachos.

Content creators will share in the coming days, the final result of your experience with camba gastronomy in order to attract and tempt new visitors.

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