Bolivarian Revolution estimates a mobilization of seven million Venezuelans

As part of the mobilizations that have been carried out in various municipalities of the national territory, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduroreported that the Bolivarian Revolution estimates that it will end 2023 with a mobilization of seven million Venezuelans, as part of the “warm-up” against imperialism and the fascist right.

In the same context, these demonstrations are carried out in support of President Maduro, the Bolivarian Revolution and the fight against the US imperial blockade that affects the Venezuelan people; “While the “ghost” is ranting about Venezuela, the Bolivarian Government is always present, as a way of life reflected in all the people.”

For her part, the organizer of the community sancochos of the La Candelaria parish, elizabeth navarrocommented that various sectors of Caracas participate in the activity, where they carry out political debates, discussion, ideology and awareness raising, to continue in defense of the president Nicolas Maduro.

In turn, he stressed that the priority of this activity is the political dialogue between different sectors, with the realization of political, international and global analyzes and the role that Venezuela plays before the world; “All the peoples of the world see Venezuela, to see what will happen to the country, and it is where the Venezuelan people give the example of the political leadership they have over the Bolivarian Revolution“, accurate.

It should be noted that men, women and youth will continue to mobilize as many times as necessary, not only to support the actions of the President Madurobut to reject the more than 900 unilateral coercive measures that affect Venezuelans.


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