Bolívar won and obtained the ticket for the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores

Bolívar won and obtained the ticket for the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores

June 6, 2023, 11:54 PM

June 6, 2023, 11:54 PM

Bolívar achieved his goal of qualifying for the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores 2023. This Tuesday night they defeated Cerro Porteño from Paraguay 2-0, in a match of the fifth date of group C, which was played at the Hernando Siles stadium in La Paz.

The celestial academy had an excellent start, because in the first attack that they basted came the opening of the scoring through Gabriel Villamil (5′)who took advantage of a half clearance from visiting goalkeeper Jean Fernandes.

The play of the goal was born when the two Fernández de Bolívar met: the winger Roberto Carlos and the striker Ronnie. The first sent the center from the left and the Chilean headed alone, but in the first instance the goalkeeper prevented his goal from falling; however, he was unable to rebound when Villamil appeared to send the ball into the net.

It was Villamil’s second goal in this edition of the Copa Libertadores. Coincidentally, the first one he did was against this same team, in the first leg, when the Bolivian team won by a landslide (0-4) in Paraguay.

The team from La Paz did not reach the rival goal very often, but when they did there was a sensation of a goal, as in the 18th minute when Ronnie Fernández hit the ball first and it crashed into the crossbar.

At 37′, Lucas Chávez also had his chance when he took a right hand that hit the goalkeeper’s chest and on the rebound he took a left foot anywhere.

But Chávez would have his revenge shortly after the start of the second half because, after receiving a cross from the right by Diego Bejarano, converted with a header to make it 2-0, which was reassuring for the painting directed by the Spanish Beñat San José.

The scare came in minute 62 when academy defender Bryan Bentaberry snapped and he collapsed, but quickly recovered and wanted to continue the match; however, the DT replaced him on the recommendation of the campus doctor and his place was taken by Jesús Sagredo.

El Ciclón, which is technically directed by Facundo Sava and who on this occasion dressed in red, sought to shorten at least the difference and generated some play with danger of scoring through the aerial game, but found goalkeeper Carlos Lampe very attentive.

Cerro Porteño was left without a chance to advance to the next instance of the tournament, so they will fight to finish third in the group and go on to play the Copa Sudamericana.

In the 80th minute, Daniel Rivas pulled Carmelo Algarañaz by the shirt inside the area and Chilean referee Cristian Garay awarded a penalty, but then he turned to VAR and corrected his decision.

With this victory, Bolívar reached 12 points, Palmeiras has 9 and then there are Barcelona (3) and Cerro Porteño (3). The fifth date will be completed this Wednesday with the match between Palmeiras and Barcelona to be played in Brazil, starting at 20:30.

On the last date, On June 29, the celestial academy will visit Palmeiras, while that same day Barcelona will receive Cerro Porteño.

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