Bolívar thrashed Wilstermann 3-0 with Francisco Da Costa as a figure

Bolívar thrashed Wilstermann 3-0 with Francisco Da Costa as a figure

July 25, 2022, 9:14 PM

July 25, 2022, 9:14 PM

Bolívar thrashed Wilstermann in a match where the visitors found no way to harm the champion. Da Costa was the figure with a goal and an assist, while ‘Tonino’ Melgar and Uzeda added goals to make it 3-0and break the undefeated team led by Álvaro Peña.

The first half started with great intensity. Bolívar and Wilstermann tried their luck with two set pieces within the first five minutes of the game. The team from La Paz gradually dominated, with a higher percentage in possession of the ball, and managed to break the equality at 11′.

Patricio Rodríguez overflowed down the right sector, leaving two rivals on the way in a great personal play, sent the center back, Miranda who pinched the ball, upsetting the entire aviator defense, and Francisco Da Costa appeared. Firm shot to the right post by ‘Pipo’ Giménez.

After the goal from La Paz, the development of the match was even. Bolívar slowed down, and Wilstermann found no ideas to attack. The first half was consumed, until reaching its closure with more discussions and strong leg than with football.

The second part of the meeting was carried out with a similar script. Wilstermann squeezing from moment to moment, and Bolívar playing dangerously with the clock and visiting despair.

Within the salvageable, there was a long shipment to Willie Barbosa, the Brazilian who dominated the ball, but his compatriot César Martins came to close with a clearance against his goal. The rejection upset Cordano, and by centimeters the La Paz team was saved.

Bolívar responded with a wall between Diego Bejarano and ‘Xico’ Da Costa. The Brazilian received from the national side, and he returned the ball with his chest, enabling Bejarano, who did not finish off inside the area before Giménez left.

There was a good performance by ‘Pipo’, but he was sent off in the 68th minute. Roberto Carlos Fernández broke away from the left, faced the goalkeeper in a one-on-one, and Giménez knocked down former Blooming outside the area. The central referee, Gery Vargas, did not hesitate and sanctioned the free kick for the local team, expelling the goalkeeper.

From that point on, the match was unbalanced, and Bolívar didn’t have any more ‘frights’. The scoreboard changed again at the end of the match with a good goal from Carlos ‘Tonino’ Melgar. In the 85th minute he received assistance from Da Costa, and defined without a mark inside the area.

When everything seemed closed, Javier Uzeda made the sky-blue fans vibrate again. The spirits and physique of the aviators were not enough to carry out the coverage and allowed the young attacker to dominate with his chest inside the area, and burst the nets to the Cochabamba goal.

Bolívar achieved a great victory at home, and settled in the top positions of the Closing Tournament (second and one point behind the Always Ready leader). The next academy match will be against Palmaflor, and later they will have the La Paz classic against The Strongest.
Wilstermann, for his part, must seek to steal units from Blooming in Santa Cruz (the match will take place on Thursday, July 28).

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