Bolívar joined the commemoration of the International LGBT Pride Day: "Celebrate your love with pride"

Bolívar joined the commemoration of the International LGBT Pride Day: "Celebrate your love with pride"

June 28, 2023, 4:37 PM

June 28, 2023, 4:37 PM

Bolívar said he was present at the commemorations of the date with a post on all his social networks. The La Paz Academy encouraged the sky-blue fans to live and celebrate their “love with pride”, in turn, it reaffirmed its commitment to “promote equality and inclusion”.

The celestes from La Paz were the only Bolivian club to join this commemoration. He uploaded to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter an image with a clenched and raised fist, dyed with the colors of the LGBT+ flag.

In the background you can see the same flag, the club logo in one corner, and the message for the Bolivarian fans: “You don’t have to be the cause, to defend the cause.”

“We uphold our firm commitment to promote equality and inclusion and that rejects all forms of discrimination. Celebrate your love with pride!” they shared from the celestial entity

What is commemorated on June 28?
Internationally, every June 28 commemorates the LGBT Pride Day, a date that promotes tolerance and equality for all people whose sexual orientations and gender identities have been repressed, discriminated against, and marginalized throughout history.

-Unique in the country, but not in the world-
Bolívar was not the only football club who joined the commemoration. Barcelona from Spain, Chelsea from England, and River Plate from Argentina are some of those who were also part of ‘June 28’.

With one or several publications, changing the profile photo, creating different contents, many sports institutions commemorated International Pride Day.

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