Bolívar businessmen ask to extend the deadline for registration and payment to Fospuca

Bolívar businessmen ask to extend the deadline for registration and payment to Fospuca

The business union managed to agree with Fospuca Caroní a 40% discount on rates for companies that must pay $200 or more for the garbage collection service

Text: Francesca Diaz / Caroní Mail
Photo: Camcaroni

This week, merchants and service providers reported that the Caroní Mayor’s Office page prevents them from declaring their municipal taxes for not being registered on the Fospuca Caroní platform, and therefore not having paid for the garbage collection service.

Given this, during a meeting held this Wednesday, December 14, between Camcaroní, Fedecámaras Bolívar, Camindustrias Bolívar, Asocomercio San Félix, the Real Estate Chamber and other chambers with the Fospuca Caroní board of directors, businessmen asked the company to extend the term to pay for the cleaning , register on the company’s platform, or solve any inconvenience with the calculation of rates, in order to later be able to declare municipal taxes without this leading to fines.

This was reported via an institutional press release by the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of the Caroní municipality (Camcaroní).

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In addition to this, the merchants asked to establish a date for an information session so that Fospuca personnel clarify doubts about registration, billing and payments to commercial users.

The call was not attended by Mayor Tito Oviedo, nor by representatives of the Superintendency of Taxes.

40% discount for those who must pay 200 dollars or more for urban cleaning
Camcaroní reported that, among the agreements reached, Fospuca promised to grant a 40% discount on rates to merchants and service providers who must pay $200 or more for the garbage collection service. This discount will be valid for one year, starting with billing in January 2023.

The Chamber of Tourism and the Chamber of Industries, Mining, Services and Related Services of the Bolívar state (Camindustrias Bolívar) expressed concern about the high service rates, taking into account that their sectors were the most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the fuel shortages, and other factors aggravated by the inflationary economy.

Camcaroní reported that the garbage collection and sanitary landfill rates aroused uncertainty and anguish among businessmen, who state that they do not have a sufficient range of profits to pay the corresponding bills for both services.

According to the data provided by Fospuca, more than 40% of the companies must pay a range of rates that goes from 50 dollars to 1,500 dollars depending on the square meters of the premises, the economic activity carried out, and the discounts granted. by Fospuca depending on the case.

Since the privatization process of urban cleaning began in the Caroní municipality, the business sector expressed its agreement with the new management given the failure of the public management of waste collection, however they have requested service fees that fit their ability to pay and the context of current production, sales and profits.

Catherine Wilson, president of Camcaroní, recognized the work that Fospuca does in the city, but stressed that Ciudad Guayana is still in crisis and that this has an impact on commercial activity.

“Ciudad Guayana is in crisis and we can see that with the huge lines to fill gasoline; This clearly has an impact on commercial and business activity. We want the increase in private economic activity to be maintained and that is why we insist on agreements, as we did from the beginning for clinics, hotels and education, ”he said in the press release.

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