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Boca wasted a crush from Cavani

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Boca wasted a crush from Cavani

Don’t hesitate Diego Martinez and he takes charge: “We had been playing a perfect game. I am the main person responsible for having lost two points at home. I have to give them more tools on the last play. I must have a cool head. Beyond the fact that structurally we were not bad in the last play, I have to give something more so that my players don’t even suffer.”

He also doesn’t doubt Sergio Romero and he does not leave the coach alone: ​​“Diego is not the only one who has to take responsibility. We have a lot of experienced people and many times we must learn to read the games. It is not only his commanding voice, but we are a lot of others who also have to take responsibilities, read the game and stop the defenders so that they do not head a ball in the last 90 minutes, winning 1 to 0, a result that was enough for us. Furthermore, the person who is going to kick the corner must be told not to kick into the area.”

The coach and the goalkeeper did not avoid self-criticism. The 1-1 of Mouth against Strength in the candy box It was still too hot. The Xeneizes regretted the equality suffered in the 90th minute, a tie that prevents them from depending on themselves on the last date. It is a scenario that was not in Boca’s calculations.

Boca’s anger is greater because it accumulated more than enough merits to capture a victory. Perhaps it was one of the best productions in this new era. He won it with a goal Edinson Cavani another celebration with the Uruguayan’s crush, all unleashed after a sweet collective play that started Kevin Zenon giving a pass of cue and pipe at the same time, Lautaro Blanco She overflowed and assisted with a center from behind and there the eastern scorer emerged to push her.

Boca generated situations of all kinds, from above, from below, with good constructions, but it did not define it. And in the closing he committed the capital sin they were talking about Martínez and Chiquito Romero. The blessed 90th minute arrived. 1-0 for the xeneizes was enough. However, it was the two central markers and the right back looking for the header. And instead of playing the short ball, Boca threw the center into the area. Nobody connected. The fast Brazilian counterattack was born, the terrible setback of the locals and Kervin Andrade He pushed her in front of a defenseless Romero.

Now Strength (+6 goal difference) leads Group D with 10 points, Mouth (0) has 8, Potos Nationalí (-3) add 7 and close Trinidadian with 3. On the last day the Brazilians will be local against the Paraguayans from Trinidense, while Boca will meet the Bolivians from Nacional on their field. Ultimately, the team Diego Martinez he no longer depends on himself. In the Copa Sudamericana only the first in each zone qualify for the round of 16. The second ones must cross paths with the third ones who come down from the Libertadores in the playoffs.

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Above the panorama in the South Americanthe concern of Mouth It is due to their lack of maturity and balance to not squander favorable situations. It was removed from the League Cup after clearly surpassing Estudiantes. In that case, there was an irresponsible expulsion of Cristian Lema that conditioned him. Now it became complicated in the continental competition due to what has already been said. The team in general convinces from the game with the dynamic proposal of Diego Martinez, but it always lacks something to round it off. So, to correct that deficit to prevent the coach and one of his references from having to give explanations again soon.

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