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Boca was forceful at the start and defeated Arsenal in La Bombonera

Boca was forceful at the start and defeated Arsenal in La Bombonera

Sebastián Villa celebrates his goal against Arsenal (photo-Maximiliano Luna).

Boca beat Arsenal 2-1 tighter in numbers than in game, where he demonstrated an individual and collective hierarchy manifested over the Sarandí teamdespite technical director Sebastián Battaglia having an alternative line-up thinking about next Wednesday’s commitment against Ferrorail West for the Argentine Cup.

Boca lit up in 15 minutes with what he achieved the two goals in the first half through a header from Agustín Sández (the first in the top category) and a low right hand from Sebastián Villa after a good previous action by Exequiel Zeballos.

Despite being a mostly alternative striker, Boca has it listed at around 80 million dollars.

Sebastián Villa dedicates his goal against Arsenal (photo-Maximilian Luna).

The two mentioned plus Luis Vázquez, who was not on the same page as his two offensive partners, were uncontrollable by the flanks of Arsenal’s defense, which, however, in an isolated move before half an hour into the first half, reached the discount with a goal from midfielder Mauro Pittón.

The memory of the 2-2 in the previous match against Leonardo Madelón’s team in the Bombonera began to hover in the cold night of the La Boca neighborhood, especially because the “xeneizes” squandered one situation after another, something that became more eloquent in the plugin.

Agustín Sández opens the scoring at La Bombonera (photo-Maximiliano Luna).

But as Arsenal was harmless, the scoreboard, adjusted that yes, was never in danger, because Boca had the control of the actions from the good management of Esteban Rolón, and his fans, in large numbers, more than in the game for Libertadores with Deportivo Cali (there were some 55,000 spectators today) they ended up half celebrating, for the victory but not for the championship won in the last League Cup.

Boca hit fast against Arsenal (photo-Maximilian Luna).

Is that During the meeting, the death, due to decompensation, of the 67-year-old life member from Boca, Jorge Núñez, occurred in sector L of the “xeneize” stalls, the club reported in a statement..

Due to this event, the celebrations scheduled for the end of the game were suspended, which in global terms were going to have an Olympic round in which all the players, from the squad, were going to take part, including those who did not perform this Sunday because they were reserved for next Wednesday’s game at 4:00 p.m. in La Rioja, for the 16th round of the Copa Argentina, against Ferro Carril Oeste.

In the run-up to the match, meanwhile, the one who received a plaque in the middle of the field and was applauded by the auriazul fans was the former player of the club, today a figure of the Argentine national team and Paris Saint Germain, Leandro Paredes.

What remained as a football image to highlight on the night of the Bombonera was the pass facing the opposite sector to the one from Zeballos to Villa, which he defined with great category, summarizing between the two the figures on the field.

And the end found too the emotion of Sández, who scored his first goal with the Boca shirt, dedicated it to his son who is to come, and incidentally confirmed that he will soon join the Paraguayan team, since he has the ancestry to naturalize and be summoned by someone who knows him well like technical director Guillermo Barros Schelotto.

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