Boca goes from paper to victory

Boca goes from paper to victory

The Bombonera it was beating, but angry. “Players the c… of their mother, let’s see if they realize that they are not playing with anyone,” the Boca crowd shouted when they saw a team empty of answers, without attitude, who lost to the modest Sports Pereira of Colombia by liberatorsfor that Cup that obsesses the xeneizes. Until, suddenly, when the end was very close, the reaction arose…

The questioned Peruvian Luis Advinculaa right-back marker, unleashed a left-footed shot from outside the area and nailed it at an angle to make it 1-1 in the 89th minute. Then, as added time ran out, in the 99th minute, the best of Mouththat 18-year-old boy named Valentine Boathe put a center just so that Alan Varela locate an accurate header against a stick. And all the xeneizes vented.

It was a triumph that Mouth needed. After the tie in Venezuela against Monagas, had to catch a victory in their first home game in the group stage of this official competition. And he captured her with much suffering.

did not play well Mouth. The first half was lousy. Sports Pereira He handled everything with amazing comfort. It lacked more forcefulness. The Colombians found the goal in the second stage with a great cross shot from Jimer Fory.

didn’t work oscar romero. The hybrid Darío Benedetto was injured. Norberto Briasco did not influence. All three were replaced. And with the changes something Boca raised. But he did not find clarity. The bravest, the most intrepid, the most determined, was the left back, the little boy with red hair, the boy Barco. It was he who led the way. And the second highest individual point, Sebastián Villa, the Colombian who did not concentrate because in the last two days, until just before the game, he was testifying in a trial in which he was accused of gender violence… .

That Ship, with its precocity, and town, with the personal problems that harass him, be the best demonstrates the low general level of Boca footballers. That is why for Almirón it was a relief. In the end, the former Elche won as DT xeneize after his initial defeats.

For Group F now Boca is the leader with 4 points. Deportivo Pereira has 1, just like the other two teams that will face each other today: Colo Colo – Monagas. Could another story have started here for this faded Boca a long time ago? Will it be a break?

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