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Boca celebrates the freshness of Barco and Medina

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Boca celebrates the freshness of Barco and Medina

There is Mouth excited about the freshness of two products from its training divisions. There are the xeneizes celebrating everything they generate Valentine Boat and Christian Medina. The technician can also boast Jorge Almiron, who relocated them to new positions that allow the boys to fly and better squeeze their football qualities. Between them they drew a victory against Newell’s What is it worth to get close to the qualifying positions for the Liberators 2024.

Ship he was a left side marker, but almiron He placed him on the fly for the same band. AND valentine, with freedom, overflows and manages to be decisive in attack. Thus, as in the first shout, he anticipates, confronts, passes between two adversaries, raises his head and scores a dangerous cross that becomes a goal because the goalkeeper Lucas Hoyos He gave him the near post and when he backed down, all he did was put it inside the goal. The referee gave the goal to Shipbut later the same Colorado affirmed that he threw the center …

Medina He played in the middle on the right or deep inside, but DT put him as an attacking midfielder behind the center forward. AND ChristianWith ease to launch himself, with confidence to handle the ball and with the conviction to verticalize and step on the rival area, he becomes the clearest Boca footballer and much more. Suddenly, he emerges as “9” and scores the second with a header, raising the value of Barco’s center and a collective play born at the very beginning of the second half and crowned as a goal 16 seconds later. Christian Medina add 4 goals in the last 6 games…

While waiting once and for all to finalize the incorporation of edinson cavanithis ship’s mouth and of Medina he enjoyed the 2-1 final. Newell’s discounted on the hour with a crossed auction of Jorge Recalde. And there was the question of a goal disallowed against Rosario, due to a foul? of William against Nicholas Valentini. So slight was the offense against the defender of Mouth which was very difficult to perceive…

Before the triumph of Mouthalso won racing. It was 3-1 to Central Cordoba. He won the Academy in the Cylinder by a landslide, with celebrations of Juan Nardoni, Agustin Ojeda and Nicolás Oroz. And there could have been many more against a rival who disarmed in defense in a striking way. In zero to zero, the team of Fernando Gago I had already created three or four more than clear situations. Then came the festivities. She discounted for the people of Santiago Enzo Kalinski.

There were other games that were played on Monday for the date 26 of the Argentine league: Talleres 2 – Gimnasia 2, Vélez 0 – Unión 0 and Banfield 2 – Godoy Cruz 0. The day will close today with Instituto – Lanús, Colón – Tigre and Barracas Central – Arsenal.

Missing a chapter for the end of the championship, first is the comfortable champion, River, with 58 points. Second workshops with 49. Third San Lorenzo with 46. The fourth is Defensa y Justicia with 44. Lanús and Estudiantes appear fifth with 42. Then Rosario Central and Boca appear with 41. Below, Argentines with 40, Godoy Cruz with 38 and racing with 36.

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