Board of Prosecutors of Lima Este rejects political interference against the Nation's prosecutor

Board of Prosecutors of Lima Este rejects political interference against the Nation’s prosecutor

The Board of Superior Prosecutors of East Lima rejected any political interference and supported the management of the Nation’s prosecutor, in the face of questions about the investigation conducted against the upper echelons of power in the Government of the day.

“Our actions are subject only to the Constitution and current regulations; Therefore, we reject any political interference, interference or retaliation of any kind in the functions that we prosecutors perform on behalf of the institution”, indicates a statement published this afternoon.

In this sense, it is emphasized that the Public Ministry has the sole objective of seeking the truth, in accordance with the institutional policy of combating crime “even when it is entrenched in the highest spheres of power, seeking the defense and protection of the society”.

“In that line, we support the actions aimed at prosecuting the crime adopted by the Attorney General of the Nation,” emphasize the prosecutors.

President Pedro Castillo is accused by the Public Ministry of leading a criminal organization entrenched in power, which involves his closest family environment.

In total, there are six tax files that are being developed in the preliminary stage against the president.

It should be remembered that Yenifer Paredes, sister-in-law of the head of state, has been in preliminary detention since last Wednesday, August 10, as part of the investigations for allegedly having operated as a lobbyist in a criminal network to benefit companies with public works.


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