BoA denies that a pilot detained in Paraguay with drugs works in the company

BoA denies that a pilot detained in Paraguay with drugs works in the company

September 7, 2022, 10:39 AM

September 7, 2022, 10:39 AM

Boliviana de Aviación (BoA), through a statement, rejected the statements made by a CC national deputy and assured that Miguel Angel Garrido Salvatierrathe Bolivian who fell with 440 kg of drugs in Paraguay, “He is not an employee of our company.”

The statement states that Garrido Salvatierra “performed functions as technical maintenance assistantbut not as a pilot, from the 2018 management until his disassociation from BoA in the 2022 management “.

We reject that ill-intentioned people wish to damage or tarnish the image and the honorability of our pilots; and we ratify our confidence in their professionalism demonstrated on each flight,” says the statement from the state company.

Ronald Casso, manager of BoA, said he was surprised by the “reckless” statements of the CC deputy, because they not only affect the image of the company but also damage the honorability of the pilots. In addition, it indicates that the state company will provide all the necessary information or documentation to the Ministry of Public Works or to the authorities that require it, to clarify this situation.

On Tuesday, the CC deputy, Jairo Jesús Guiteras, said that Miguel Ángel Garrido Salvatierra appears as an active pilot of the Bolivian state company of Aviation (BoA) on the page of the Comptroller General of the State, for which he announced that he will request a report from the Ministry of Public Works on the hiring of this person. In addition, the official page of the Plurinational Electoral Body assures that Garrido are militants of the Movement to Socialism (MAS-IPSP). His residence is the department of Santa Cruz.

BoA denies that a pilot detained in Paraguay with drugs works in the company

It was learned that the plane with registration CP-2769 piloted by Robalino and Garrido, which fell in Paraguay, it was kidnapped by the Special Force to Fight Drug Trafficking (Felcn) in March 2017, because it was discovered that it was used to ship controlled substances to Peru and Brazil.

Assembly members indicated in the last hours that they will request an official report on these aircraft and the Bolivians detained with drugs in the neighboring country.

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