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Blow of USD 1.3 million for Olimpia in the cases of Domingo and Willi Mendieta

Blow of USD 1.3 million for Olimpia in the cases of Domingo and Willi Mendieta

Eduardo ‘Toto’ Berizzo would have his hours counted in the Chilean soccer team. Reports indicate that he would be more than obliged to beat Paraguay to at least have a chance to continue leading La Roja.

The former coach of the Albirroja is not doing well with the trans-Andean players either.

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In this sense, The Chilean press indicates that the Argentine strategist has already received an ultimatum by the board of the National Professional Football Association (ANFP), who are no longer willing to wait and demand results.

The former defender accumulates seven games in command of the Red. Or nine, if you add two friendlies in which he led the Sub 23: one won, three tied and five lost. That is to say, a meager 22.22 percent return.

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This meeting does not generate much expectation, it is one more friendly. There are many critics of the Berizzo process. He arrived in the middle of 2022 and with the adult team he has not achieved victories. The last time the national team added three was on that FIFA date last year, in January of last year, “said Chilean journalist José Fernández today in a chat with Versus radio.

The communicator alleged that the ANFP “tried to give a message of calm” and hinted that Berizzo’s continuity is not subject to the result with the Paraguayans, but It is not that they eat the story. “If the team is thrashed, or does not pass half the field, the process would be cut off. That’s what they recognize me.” he pointed.

For the match with Paraguay, Berizzo appeals to all the experience of the ‘golden generation’ with Gary Medel, Arturo Vidal, Alexis Sánchez and Claudio Bravo among those called up.

Chile and Paraguay will meet on Monday, March 27 in Santiago by FIFA date.

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