Blockade for construction of Okinawa-Los Troncos highway announced; the central and departmental governments pass on the responsibility

Blockade for construction of Okinawa-Los Troncos highway announced; the central and departmental governments pass on the responsibility

July 21, 2023, 7:00 PM

July 21, 2023, 7:00 PM

While the Government of Santa Cruz and the National Government blame the other for the lack of progress in the construction project of the Okinawa-Los Troncos highwayTransportistas de San Julián and the Comité Procamino de Okinawa y Los Troncos announced an indefinite road blockade starting this Monday, July 24.

Among the roads that will be interrupted they mentioned: the Puerto Paila bridge, the entrance to Cuatro Cañadas and the Pacay bridge.

According to René Solano, regional manager of the Bolivian Highway Administration (ABC) Santa Cruz, the technical part of the project was completed and responded to the observations and clarifications requested by the Government Cruceña in relation to the geometric seal and environmental, hydraulic and hydrological aspects. He maintained that there are no pending issues.

“To date we do not have results from the Government (on a local contribution commitment); They have not officially responded to this issue, since it is one of the requirements of both the financier and this type of road works,” said Solano, who recalled that the percentages that are handled are 70% (State) – 30% (Government).

“The Government would have to save this situation. It would have to be pronounced, officially (…) The Governor’s Office would have to work on it,” Solano said.

From the Santa Cruz Governorate, they observe that the same procedure is not followed with other departments.when it comes to road construction.

“We want to think that there is no discrimination between the West and the East. It is good that the minister (Édgar Montaño) clarifies why for Santa Cruz asks us for 30%?, however for La Paz he asks for 15% and for Chuquisaca 9.32% (as a counterpart for the construction of roads)”, questioned Édgar Landívar, Secretary of Economic Development of the Government of Santa Cruz. Initially, the financing proposal was 20% as responsibility of the Departmental Government and the remaining 80%, the State.

On the other hand, Landívar referred to the observations of the project. About him environmental aspect, indicated that the license must be updated, because it expires in November of this year; in the hydrological, he stated that the ABC staff accepted the observations made by the Government. Regarding the geometric design, Landívar indicated that there is a common agreement that this highway will be rigid pavement and that the hydrological issue has been addressed to deal with the canalization system.

“The issue of unemployment (of the project) is in the hands of the central governmentWe would like the Minister of Planning to be able to sign the prioritization letter for the Okinawa-Industrial Park highway (…) and in this matter the Government does not have any procedure to follow because it is in the hands of the central government”, Landívar said.

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