Trasladan a Blas Peralta desde La Romana a la cárcel de Najayo

Blas Peralta is transferred from La Romana to the Najayo prison

The carrier Blas Peraltawho is serving 30 years in prison for the murder of the former rector of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), Mateo Aquino Febrillet, was transferred from the La Romana prison to the Najayo-Men Correction and Rehabilitation Center.

A judge ordered that Peralta be changed from prison to prison.

In the year 2017, the First Collegiate Court of the National District sentenced the carrier to 30 years in prison.

While the co-defendants Geraldo Félix Bautista and Franklin Venegas were sentenced to eight years in prison and former Colonel Rafael Herrera Peña was sentenced to five years, with a conditional suspension for the last three. These must comply with the ruling of the judges in the Najayo prison.

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Blas Peralta must also pay RD$7 million in favor of each of Aquino Febrillet’s children: David, Jonathan and Jessica Aquino. Also RD$10 million to Rita Solís, widow of the victim.

The collegiate court found Peralta guilty of attempted murder against the other victims who were traveling in Aquino Febrillet’s vehicle.

“Those judges were partial to the Public Ministry and that was nothing more than a sign that the District Attorney is the one who manages the courts here”Peralta said as he was taken to the cell of the Ciudad Nueva Courthouse with a strong security contingent.

On her side, the prosecutor Yeny Berenice Reinoso said that this sentence was the result of what she promised society from the beginning: that they would have an exemplary sentence against Blas Peralta.

He indicated that the MP demonstrated that the acts committed by Peralta were murder and attempted murder, which was recognized by the court.

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