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May 18, 2023
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Blandón: “You want to know when they are going to operate on Martinelli, look for the hearing schedule, it is a mockery of the people”

Angel Valdes | May 18, 2023

The presidential candidate for the Panameñista party, José Isabel Blandón, was on Radio Panama where he referred to the primaries of his political group, possible alliances, the issue of decentralization and how predictable ex-president Martinelli is, who gets sick when he brings the date for your hearing closer.
On whether Martinelli will run in the 2024 general elections, Blandón said: “I see him running right now so as not to go to the hearings, while other parties are waiting for the primaries to define what will happen, what the RM party is waiting for is the next hearing and it is already foreseeable, the man has the chiripiolca, operations, you want to know when he is going to be operated on or something is going to happen to him, go look for the hearing schedule and you will realize when he starts to feel bad, This is a mockery of the Panamanian people.”
When asked about possible alliances for the 2004 general elections, Blandón commented “I have already said it on several occasions, firstly, the Panameñista party is not currently considering running someone from another party for the Presidency of the Republic, the Panameñista party. is going to nominate José Blandón for the Presidency of the Republic on July 23, we are going from there to seek to form a great alliance where the Panameñismo candidate is the one who heads that opposition alliance and we are working to have all the arguments, of survey, organization and party structure to be able to sustain why Panameñismo if, and not another group leads that opposition alliance, Mr. Torrijos with the Popular Party will do the same, like Rómulo Roux in Cambio Democrático later we have to sit down to talk ».

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