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Blandón criticizes members of political parties who aspire for free candidacy

He assured that the majority of the members of the Panameñista party aspire for internal democracy, “the candidates of the party are going to go to the primaries, he specified.

President of the Panameñista party José Isabel Blandón. Photo: Video Capture

The president of the Panameñista party, José Isabel Blandón, was a harsh critic of the pre-candidates who, belonging to political groups, have run for free candidacy.

Blandón, who went this Wednesday morning to the Electoral Court’s headquarters to accompany a new adherent to enroll in Panamanianism, said that the terms are clear and that there is a partisan candidacy for those who are already part of a party and that the free application is for those people who do not want to join a political group.

He said that the fact that some candidate from a political party runs for free, that distorts the whole meaning by which free candidacy was created.

“Really, the Panamanian party was the party in which the fewest people have applied for free candidacy; For example, in the RM party, most of the free candidacies of people who come from another party are from RM, not from Panamanians”, he said.

He also assured that the candidates who have left the party or are running for free do so because it was clear that they were going to lose within the group.

“The majority of the party aspires for internal democracy, the party’s candidates are going to go to the primaries,” he specified.

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