Black waters overflow in Residencias Coromoto de Aragua

Black waters overflow in Residencias Coromoto de Aragua

For more than a year, the residents of Costanera Street in that urban development in Aragua have reported the problem with sewage to the municipal authorities, however, the situation has not been addressed.

For more than a year, the residents of Costanera Street, of the residences Coromotolocated in the Girardot municipality, Aragua state, suffering from sewage boats that have become breeding grounds for insects and other animals that affect citizens.

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Yudith Matos, social leader of the Girardot municipality, capital Maracay, said that the residents of the sector have gone to the government authorities to expose the situation, however, they already have more than a year with the sewer system collapsed and it has not been possible to come to solve the problem.

“The black water runs freely along Costanera street, that not only produces fetid odors, but it is also the natural habitat for the breeding of mosquitoes, larvae, rodents and other vermin that affect the health of the people who live in the place” Matos commented.

Matos does not know the reasons why they have not responded to the call of the neighbors and hopes that, as soon as possible, municipal or regional government officials will approach the Coromoto residences to verify the unhealthy situation faced by the residents of the Costanera street, where the most affected are children and elderly people.

Sewage (or black water)

Wastewater contains a large amount of polluting agents and germs, which makes it necessary to dispose of them safely for both people and the environment. The collection begins through the public sewage system, which is made up of household unions and drainage pipes that flow into the collectors, which are installed deeper in the ground.

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